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What to do in Copenhagen in winter

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

In the Nordic countries in winter we don't see the sun a lot, but that doesn't mean that there isn't plenty to do here! I've come up with some ideas for you to do in Copenhagen in winter - no matter how bad the weather is, as most of these are indoor activities. You can of course do these things year round, but they are excellent options for when the weather is not behaving its best or you just want to treat yourself some extra.

Aire Spa

Let's start with my ultimately favourite winter activity (but also in summer, actually just.. always) - going to a spa! Aire Spa is my all time favourite spa and I can't express my love for this place! I used to live next to their location in Barcelona and they just opened in Copenhagen in 2020, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to finally be able to go here!

aire spa copenhagen candles pool

Aire is like no other spa I've been to, as their whole area is underground and usually in a "ruin" or dungeon setting. It might not sound super cozy, but trust me, it is! When you're in Aire you completely forget that there is a world outside, as the only light here is from the water and candle lights, and you're not allowed to speak, so it's completely quiet and all you can hear is the calm zen mediation music. Ah even just writing about it makes me relax..

Aire has locations all over the world and their location in Copenhagen is in Carlsbergbyen, just by the famous elephant statues. So I can recommend you to head out to Carlsbergbyen a bit earlier than your spa appointment, just to walk around this old newly-built neighbourhood.

You can go to Aire spa just with access to the pools alone or you can buy additional treatments, such as a massage or even a wine spa, where you sit in a tub of wine! Aire has a few different pools and other things, such as 4 pools of different temperatures, a bubble bath, a steam room and a "Dead Sea" pool, which is my favourite. Additionally you can also buy chamgpagne, chocolate truffles and a few other things when you're there.

aire spa copenhagen candles girl in pool

Brian and I went for my birthday, which was the perfect way to celebrate (I used to go every birthday when I lived in Barcelona too). Depending on the treatment you choose it can get a bit expensive in Copenhagen more than other countries, but I think it's more than worth it. Brian agreed and he almost got into a coma like state of relaxation (you can see that in my Copenhagen highlight on Instagram, along with other videos from our visit).

If you want to check out their different treatments, you can do so here.

Address: Ny Carlsberg 101, 1799 Copenhagen

Ni'mat Spa

I of course also have to mention one of the most famous spas in Copenhagen, which is mentioned in countless Copenhagen guides. Ni'mat has two locations in Copenhagen - one by the Copenhagen airport and one in the city centre close to Nørreport station. Each location offers different treatments, with some of the treatments being the same.

Ni'mat is a more modern spa with high ceilings, steam room, sauna, bubble bath, showers and a Hammam room, which you have to book a treatment in. The majority of their space is filled by massage rooms and they're very famous for their massages. Many people goes there just for the massages alone. Their spa area is called the Water Temple, as its filled with Buddha statues, candles and calming areas you can relax in. The whole area is really beautiful and you can order food and drinks, such as champagne and sushi when you're there - when COVID is not restricting it.

nimat spa copenhagen water temple pool

I tried the Hammam treatment when I went to their location in the city and I can really recommend it! It was done by the nicest Turkish lady and she took such good care of me. In case you don't know what Hammam is, it's a traditional Turkish spa treatment, where you lie on a big bench or platform made of tiles. Then you get warm water poured over you, get a massage and a special treatment with bubbles. It's a special experience and it's so nice! After my massage and Hammam treatment I had access to the Water temple, where I was lucky enough to have it all to myself as I was there in the middle of a weekday.

The prices at Ni'mat varies a lot depending on the treatment, as you can also just book single massages and more elaborate treatments. You can see more about the space and my experience there on my Instagram under my Copenhagen highlight.

If you want to check out their different treatments, you can do so here.

Address: Hotel Kong Arthur, Vendersgade 27, 1363 Copenhagen

Clarion Hotel, Ellehammersvej 20, 2770 Kastrup

Make ceramics

If you're feeling creative you can make your own ceramics with Slow Studio - or simply just paint finished ceramics at Creative Space.

With Slow Studio you can buy different ceramic kits online, so you can make it in the comfort of your own home. When you're done, you can simply ship it or drop it off at their location for them to burn and glaze. It's a great idea for all ages to do something creative together - especially in winter.

At Create Space you simply pick ceramics that are already done, such as a bowl or a vase, pick any colours, stamps and other creative things you want and decorate it. You can order tea while you get creative and just have a really good time. They have a location at Frederiksberg and Østerbro.

Since Slow Studio is done at home, it's also very COVID-friendly, but with Creative Space you have to check if they're open and what the restrictions are.

Go for a walk through the many Copenhagen parks

A free thing you can do is to take advantage of the many many parks around Copenhagen - maybe even visit one you haven't been to before. Some of the parks in Copenhagen are small, but some of them are actually really big.

Some of my favourite parks are Østre Anlæg, next to the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK), The Botanical Garden and Frederiksberg Garden.

Grab a coffee to go and wander around to find your favourite park.

Tivoli Gardens

If you're lucky enough to visit Copenhagen when the Tivoli Gardens are open, it's a must-visit! Tivoli is the worlds second oldest amusement park and it's located right in the city centre of Copenhagen.

In winter they usually open all of December with a Christmas theme, in January and February with a Winter Wonderland theme, April has an easter theme and the rest of the year is pure Danish summer bliss. Make sure to check their opening hours and themes on their website.

Copenhagen Light Festival

If you're visiting Copenhagen in February, then time it with the beautiful Copenhagen Light Festival! Art installations of light is put up all over the city and it transforms Copenhagen into a big outdoor art exhibition. You can read more about the show, times and locations on the website of Copenhagen Light Festival.


That was some of my tips what to do in Copenhagen in winter and the cold months like November, December, January and February, but all of these things are available and just as nice all year! You can of course also try out the best brunch places in Copenhagen. Have fun :-)


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