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Best places to eat in Copenhagen

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Oh boy, this blog post has been in my ideas FOR SO LONG! But with almost always travelling and then COVID-19 in the middle of it, it took a bit longer than I expected to "collect" all the restaurant experiences to share with you. But it's finally here!

Do you know that feeling of wanting to go out and eat, but you just don't know where and you always end up in the same place? That's a bit like I how am in Copenhagen, so now my boyfriend and I have decided to try out at least one new place a month! And we're so excited. So if you are not sure where to eat in Copenhagen, here is some of the best restaurants I've found in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pizzeria MaMeMi & Wine Bar

This cute italian restaurant is located on Vesterbro - and it's owned by real Italians! MaMeMi is by far some of the best and most authentic italian food I've found in Copenhagen! They have some amazing pizzas on their menu, but you can also order a la carte. The chef prepared an amazing tasting menu for us, where we got different starters, a pizza and desserts.

We started out with salmon cappacio as the first starter, bruschetta with homemade sourdough, buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes as the second starter, cheese plate as the third starter, which came with a homemade apricot jam, which was so good that we got a jar to take home! Then an artichoke cream soup with roasted hazelnuts and rosemary oil as the fourth and last starter. My boyfriend was very skeptical, as he actually does not like artichokes, but this soup was to die for!!! Hands down the BEST soup we've both had - probably EVER! I'm not exaggerating, we're still talking about it! He literally said "I never expected artichoke to blow my mind".

Then we moved on to pizza, where we shared one with stracciatella di buffalo, pepper, aubergines and roasted almonds. It was as expected amazing!

We moved on to desserts, where our first dessert was chocolate truffles. Our second dessert was creme brûlée with Limoncello on the side. Our third dessert was Brian's all time favourite - Tiramisu. Our fourth and last dessert was lava cake with ice cream.

We left feeling so full and so happy. Our bellies were fully satisfied and it's definitely one of the best dining experiences we've had in Copenhagen! Thank you, MaMeMi.

Address: Mysundegade 28, 1668 København V


Another italian gem that you can find on Vesterbro is Neighbourhood. They also have a restaurant in Nørrebro (Jægersborggade), but we went to the one on Istedgade, where we could sit out on the street in the sun.

We started off with some delicious cocktails, where they infuse the alcohol themselves - I had one with one called Thyme Well Spent with Danish gin and it was SO GOOD!

We then moved on to some mouthwatering pizzas, which of course had homemade mozzarella on (yum!). They also have a vegan pizza! We finished with some amazing desserts, where we got a modern version of a cheese cake and a banana split. My boyfriend said at least 6 times during dinner that "they really know what they're doing". The whole experience was just perfect.

The inside of Neighbourhood is really cool as well and their bar is beautifully decorated! The whole place has a groovy Copenhagen vibe and their staff are all super sweet and welcoming.

Address: Istedgade 27, 1650 København V

Instagram: @nbhkbh

Gorda Empanadas

We're staying at Vesterbro, since this is also where you can find Gorda Empanadas. This place is probably the most authentic Latinamerican food I've found in Copenhagen (one of my South American friends actually recommended it, so it's definitely approved). The restaurant was very intimate and felt like a place locals and friends often dropped by for a glass of quality wine.

The owner Gonzalo recommended us some empanadas and different sauces to go with them. I had the creamy corn, mushroom and caprese empanadas and my friend had the beef, mushroom and ham&cheese empanadas. They were all soooo good! You can of course also pop in and buy a box of empanadas to go - which I can only recommend, as you will probably want more later.

Address: Enghavevej 5, 1674 København V

Instagram: @gordaempanadas


Another pizza place to hit this list is Mother. Mother is located in the popular Meat Packing District on Vesterbro. I have been here a couple of times for drinks alone, as Mother has a really nice outdoor area where you can easily gather a big group of friends and enjoy the magical Danish summer evenings.

Mother is always busy and when we were there, there were almost always a line of at least 15 people waiting for a table, so if you want to eat here I suggest you book a table. There's plenty of space both outside and inside so it will of course be possible to drop by and try out your luck.

We ordered two different pizzas - the Cinque Formaggi and the Burrata, and they were both really really good! Mother's "secret" is that they make their dough with sourdough and purified sea water - and it totally pays off. They also have vegan pizza, you just have to ask for it. We also had bread and tiramisu as dessert, but they have not been given the same love as their pizzas, so as most people, I'd just come here for the pizza. Pair it with a glass of Spritz Aperol and you can totally dream and pretend you are in Italy.

Address: Høkerboderne 9-15, 1712 København V

Blue Taco

I'm always a sucker for tacos, but I want them as authentic as possible. Some of the best and most authentic tacos you can find in Copenhagen is at Blue Taco. They have three different locations - Reffen Street Food Market, Nørrebro and Lyngby. We went to Reffen (which is also one of my favourite places in Copenhagen), where Blue Taco has a little booth just in the middle of the popular street food market.

The difference between the locations are non-existing when it comes to quality, but very different when it comes to the concepts. The location on Blågårdsgade in Nørrebro was the first, and here you're not doubting that you're eating at Blue Taco - because everything is kept in blue. Yes, even the tacos are blue. Everything at Blue Taco is made with natural, fresh and organic products, so they are not coloured artificially. The food here is made with blue corn. which gives the blue colour throughout the food. Likewise in Reffen, the food is made with red corn, so here you will get red tacos and nachos.

We chose to try a bit of everything - and everything was really living up to our expectations. The chef has spent many years abroad, including in Mexico, so all the different components of the food was very authentic and well thought of. We got three different tacos - two veggie and one with fried shrimp. Then we also got nachos and a taco bowl. Everything was just delicious! And when you eat it with a view of the ocean and the Copenhagen skyline that Reffen offers, it almost doesn't get better than that.

Addresses: Reffen, Refshalevej 167, 1432 København K

Blågårdsgade 1, 2200 København N

Likørstræde 4, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

Instagram: @bluetacocph


With Nærvær we might have found a new favourite for date nights. Nærvær has two different locations - Strandgade and Værnedamsvej, with the latter being more of a wine bar than a restaurant. We went to the one on Strandgade and as it is located right on the water, you have a cozy little nook with the best view of the famous Copenhagen tourist attraction Nyhavn.

Nærvær has a cute outdoor area where you can sip delicious drinks or enjoy a few dishes from their menu. They mix the Scandinavian kitchen with Mediterranean flavours and the Spanish tapas style, so you order a selection of 3-5 small dishes per person.

We tried some different dishes with fish and a selection of the veggies in season, such as sardines, cod carpaccio, and mushroom cannelloni. Everything was insanely good and just writing about it makes my mouth water. My boyfriend is sometimes a bit skeptical when it comes to Nordic food, but several times I heard him say "oh YUM" - so it's safe to say that he liked it a lot. We had a great and cozy night here, and we really enjoyed the food. We will definitely come back - we still have left to try out their desserts ;-)

Address: Strandgade 87, 1404 København K

Værnedamsvej 2, 1619 København V

Instagram: @naervaerdk


These are places I can truly recommend to try when you are looking for places to eat in Copenhagen! I have definitely found some new favourites myself and I can't wait to go back! Let me know if you have other places you think should be on the list - and if you try any of these out, don't hesitate to write me what you think :-)


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