A 4-month highly supportive and strategic coaching program, so you can grow and scale your online business to +$5k or $10k months.

Are you ready to grow and scale your biz strategically?

Is this you?

👉 You want to built your own online business, and get it well of the ground, but you don't know how to do it strategically..

👉 You have tried a million freebies or online courses, but you feel like you need more strategic and personal support..

👉 You have already started your own online business, but it just feels like it's stuck and it's not growing..

👉 You are working with your own business, but you feel overwhelmed and are not sure how to grow and scale it..

You know you can go further - and you deserve it!

Let me help you

"Throughout the whole course, she is extremely competent and a really good communicator, and gives a really good and thorough walk through of everything you need to know to start up as a social media manager and also to start your own business."
- Lene

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Do you want to grow and scale your online business, but you have just been feeling a little stuck lately?

Well, then this is your sign..

Here's how it works:

Rolling enrolment - start today!

This is a 4-month coaching program, where we don't want to waste any time waiting for a group to fill up, so we will get you started as soon as you want!

I will help you build strategic launches, becoming the CEO of your dreams, expand and hire a team, map out your offers and prices, attracting clients and hit the sales numbers you envision - you name it, I'm here to help!

The process:

STEP 1: You apply for OBA

STEP 2: I personally go through your application, and if I see potential, I will invite you to a free clarity call, so we can determine if we are a match and map out a strategic game plan for you as an OBA member

STEP 3: You get enrolled and get ready to grow and scale your fempire!


So what do I get in Online Business Academy?

Don't worry, you will get lots of goodies! Including..

👉 5 x 1 hr private coaching calls where we put all the focus on your business, so that you can get a personalised plan to scale and grow [$5997 VALUE]

👉 Daily group coaching via Slack where you can access Camilla and get love and get as much help as you need Monday - Friday [$6549 VALUE]

👉 24/7 access to our highly vibrant entrepreneurial community on Slack, where you can always get love, support and vibe with the other members of OBA [$2997 VALUE]

👉 Life long access to Social Creators Academy in English or Danish [$5859 VALUE]

👉 Access to ressources and proven templates [$1599 VALUE]

👉 Weekly content and copy feedback so that you can make sure that your offers and selling is always *on point* [$2499 VALUE]

👉 Fun OBA membership events, like cocktail hours, bingos, extra support coach bonuses, and much more! [PRICELESS]

In case you didn't wanna do the math - that's over $26.000 in value! But don't worry, the investment is of course way less than that ;-)

The Online Business Academy is for you if...

✔️ You have already built your business, but you're stuck with the growth.

✔️ You don't actually have your own business yet, but you have the idea, and you are extremely passionate about building one and your dream life.

✔️ You have a clear idea and goals for your business, but you need support and strategy to get there.

✔️ You are eager to learn and willing to do what it takes to get you to the next step.

✔️ You want to learn how to work smarter, and build and set up more passive income in your business.

✔️ You are ready to scale your business, take it full time and step more into the badass CEO role that's meant for you.

✔️ You are ready to invest in yourself, your business and the growth.

✔️ You want to be part of a community of like-minded powerful women and lots of good vibes.


Are you ready to grow and scale your business and join a highly supportive and powerful female community?


Babe, it's time to invest in yourself!