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Most Instagrammable places in Copenhagen

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

So, every time I travel somewhere, I of course look for the best photo spots. And I’d wish there existed “Instagram Guides” to every city, island or wherever. So I’ve put together a guide for Copenhagen, both for travel bloggers and even for accounts that are more fashion or lifestyle focused. This post will include cafes, landmarks and streets that are the most Instagrammable. Remember, you can also see all of these spots on my Instagram @camillamalm.


Nyhavn is an amazing place for Instagram photos. Here I’m wearing my new Daniel Wellington watch with a brown strap. Right now they have a campaign where you get one free strap with every order – and nothing says Instagram like their watches! (Ps. use the code “CAMILLA” to get 15% off everything at Daniel Wellington)


First, Copenhagen is packed with cafes. And many pretty and delicious ones. I’m trying to try out one new one almost every week, but it still seems like a never-ending task to try them all! Here’s my favourites so far.

Cafe Livingstone

This cute place I recently discovered while searching for cute brunch places in Copenhagen (I’ll publish a Copenhagen brunch post soon – sign up to not miss it!). I heard that their interior is all from Bali, and that’s when it can’t go wrong! And I wasn’t disappointed! Cafe Livingstone is such a cute place, and it’s located right next to the popular Copenhagen Lakes, where it’s possible to sit outside in warmer weather.

The brunch is served Copenhagen-style: you can “build” your own brunch! So you cross off 5 or 7 thing that you want, and it’s then served in small plates! It simply can’t look bad, so it’s a concept almost made for Instagram!

As if the food itself isn’t Instagrammy enough, the whole cafe is so cute I could stay for hours! They have a wall made entirely from old window blinders, and the whole cafe is decorated with small things from Bali. If you should fall in love with some of their interior, it’s possible to buy it!


Isn’t this an Instagrammable brunch? And it’s so delicious!

Cafe no. 11

No list without this place. Blogger hotspot numero uno! Cafe no. 11 is located between to other Instagram hotspots – our queen’s palace Amalienborg and the charming Nyhavn. It’s almost impossible to go to Cafe no. 11 and not meet other bloggers. It’s especially a hotspot for the Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle bloggers, which might be because of the light white and grey tones, that fits well in a minimalistic feed.


Especially the grey hexagonal tables are a trademark for Cafe no. 11.

Union Kitchen

BEST FRIES IN THE WORLD! There. Needed to be said – and you need to try them. However, most Instagrammers comes here for their coffees. But everything Union Kitchen serve is served “for the gram”. Everything from their avocado toasts, homemade lemonades, and their salad bowls. The inside of Union Kitchen is not amazing for pictures, since it’s very dark.


Everything at this table looks like it’s made for the gram! And this is what the best fries in Copenhagen looks like.

Les Trois Cochons

A little French bistro located on one of my favourite streets in Copenhagen – Værnedamsvej. It’s a street with some of my favourite cafes and restaurants. Les Trois Cochons is crazy pretty! Every single corner is Instagrammable and well thought of, their bathroom is pink, and their basement looks like you’re sitting underwater. For an Instagrammer, this place is heaven! I think it’s impossible to take a bad picture anywhere at Les Tres Cochons.

Pro tip: order their croissants! They’re some of the best I’ve tasted!


Cute blue Parisian tables, coffee cups and flowers – Les Trois Cochons is so beautiful. Here I’m also wearing “the blogger watch” by Daniel Wellington but here with the black strap.



This is probably the most photographed place in Copenhagen, and it’s always packed with both tourists and locals. You’ve probably seen it before – a lot of cute picturesque coloured houses, boats and channels. It’s one of my favourite places in Copenhagen.


Nyhavn is beautiful as always, and I’ll never get tired of it!

King’s Garden

As mentioned in my post 19 reasons to visit Copenhagen, the King’s Garden is one of the biggest hang-out spots in summer. Mainly young people sits around drinking, but everyone comes here to chill and enjoy the sun. Besides that, it has a beautiful castle called Rosenborg Castle, which is amazing for pictures.


The stunning Rosenborg Castle in the King’s Garden.

Amalienborg Castle

This is where the Danish queen lives, and it’s a popular place for Instagrammers. Mainly fashion and lifestyle Instagrammers comes here to shoot their newest looks, so if you’re visiting, you can almost always spot some girls posing for dear life. I actually don’t know how it got so popular, but it might be for it’s light stones and cute cobblestones.


Dancing around the cobblestones at Amalieborg by sunset.

Marble Church

The prettiest church in Denmark – at least that’s what I think. You’re guaranteed some amazing pictures with this stunner in the background!


Do you see why this is my favourite church in Copenhagen?


I bike through Christianshavn every time I go into the city centre, and I’ll never get tired of it. It’s one of the oldest parts of Copenhagen, so it has tons of cute streets and old houses in vibrant colours. It also has some cute channels, so go explore this part of Copenhagen, and you’ll definitely find some Instagrammable spots.


Ice in the channels in Christianshavn – I promise it’s just as pretty all year round.

Copenhagen Botanical Garden

One of the newer blogger trends in Copenhagen is the Botanical Garden, which is just next to the King’s Garden. Especially the white staircases in the Palm House has been almost viral on Instagram over the last couple of months!


The Insta-famous staircase of Copenhagen Botanical Garden.


Glyptoteket is actually a museum, mainly for old statues and sculptures, but some of the rooms are amazing for pictures! Especially their garden, where their cafe is also located has become really popular.

Pro tip: their croissants are THE BEST in Copenhagen! Maybe even the world! Oh, and entry is free on Tuesdays.


One of the many Instagrammable rooms at Glyptoteket.


If you don’t know Copenhagen, I can tell you that it’s one of the oldest cities in Europe, and maybe even in the world. It’s filled with cute small cobblestone streets, coloured housed and bikes. Lots of them. It’s vibrant and so charming – they’re “hyggelige”. Here’s some really Instagrammable streets.


Magstræde is one of the oldest streets in Copenhagen, and probably also one of the smallest ones. There’s never that many people, so it’s perfect for taking pictures. The times I’ve been there snapping shots, I’ve always ran into other bloggers trying to capture the charming essence of Magstræde.


No photo can do this place justice! It’s just so charming!


Strøget is the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street, and goes from one end of Copenhagen centre to the other. It’s not completely perfect to take pictures in the middle of the street, since there’s always a million people, but there’s some cute spots along the street, as for example Stork Fountain. Get creative on Strøget, and your pictures will easily portray a classic Copenhagen.


The square around Stork Fountain on Strøget has become a new blogger hotspot for Instagram photos.

I hope you enjoyed this little guide of the most Instagrammable places in Copenhagen! And I hope it’ll get in handy if you’re ever in Copenhagen and looking for great photo spots!

Please share, pin, comment, whatever! It’ll mean the world to me 🙂


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