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Best Brunch Places in Copenhagen

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I’ve early mentioned the Danish brunch culture as one of the 19 Reasons to Visit Copenhagen, and over the years I’ve tried many of them – and now I’ve finally made a list of the best brunch places in Copenhagen!


No list of brunch places in Copenhagen without mentioning one of the most well known spots. Wulff&Konstali gained national fame when they as some of the first took “Instagram brunch” to the next level with their yummy breakfast boards. Here you get to choose 5 or 7 different dishes, and they make it hard to pick!


The brunch boards on Wullf&Konstali are to die for! Here we both chose 7 dishes.

Some sure picks for me is their avocado and some of their pastry. You can’t miss the mark with those.


Because it was Christmas they even added small cookie men to their waffles!

Address: Sankt Hans Torv 30, 2200 Copenhagen.

(Wulff&Konstali has multiple locations in Copenhagen. I went to this one).

Cafe Livingstone

This cafe I will need to return to during summer! They’re located right next to one of the Copenhagen Lakes, where they also have seating outside. Cafe Livingstone offers the same concept as Wulff&Konstali with you being able to choose different dishes. I loved how they offer a lot of fruit and greens, since too much bread and pastry is too fatty for me in the morning.


Another bonus to this cafe is their cute interior! They are decorated with a lot of Bali pieces, and if it weren’t for the temperature you could easily pretend that you were in Bali! And even better – if you fall in love with any of it, they sell a lot of Bali interior as well!


It was hard to choose, and it was all so good! I really liked the pineapple pieces with coconut, as it tasted like being on vacation.

Address: Sortedams Dossering 81, 2100 Copenhagen

Union Kitchen

This is without a doubt one of my favourite places in Copenhagen – because I could live on their truffle fries alone! Union Kitchen really established themselves when Instagram and influencers started becoming a thing, as they do coffees with writing on them! You’ve probably seen them on Instagram. If not, I of course got one when I visited.


Yes, I had the truffles fries for breakfast too.

This is one of the blogger hotspots in town, and I’m also guilty of visiting at least once a month. They also do delicious lunch, dinner and drinks at night!


Address: Store Strandstræde 21, 1255 Copenhagen


This is one of my recent discoveries, and I’m so happy I found it! Sidecar on Nørrebro is such a cute spot, and they make the most delicious brunch! They offer two different kinds – a “normal” one and a vegan brunch. We just ordered one of both, but asked the normal brunch to be without sausages and bacon, as neither of us like it.


Everything here was SO good. We could barely eat it all but couldn’t stop at the same time.

As a vegan (with a few vegetarian exceptions now and then), this was the place for me. Chickpea waffles and hummus for breakfast and I don’t need much more. It was also really nice that the brunch was healthier than it often is other places. AND for lunch and dinner they serve Asian street food, so I HAVE to come back soon and try that too!


Address: Skyttegade 5, 2200 Copenhagen

Hønen & Ægget

I’ve heard so much about this place before finally trying it out. I was a bit skeptical before going, because the name Hønen & Ægget (it means the Chicken & the Egg) kinda implies that it’s not vegan friendly and that there will be a lot of chicken. Thankfully it was completely fine, they served an amazing brunch, and their interior was so cute! Here you also get to choose small dishes and as many as you’d like.


Our choices at Hønen & Ægget. The croissants were to die for!

I loved that there were fruit, and even better – if you sit at the bar you get a free glass of cava! Sitting at the bar was super cozy, and it allowed us to talk a bit more with the really nice staff. It’s rare that I experience staff as nice and friendly as here!


Address: Øster Farimagsgade 16A, 2100 Copenhagen

I hope you really enjoyed this list! I sure enjoyed trying out all of these places! Before doing so I asked people from Copenhagen, which brunch places they could recommend and based on that, this list was made. So don’t just take my word for granted – the citizens of Copenhagen agrees!

Ps. I wanna apologise for the photos looking dark and murky, but all brunch places has dim lighting, so it makes it really hard to take good photos without bringing tons of equipment.


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