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About Cahoma Creations

From dreams to action

Cahoma Creations actually started back in 2017, when I was living in Barcelona. After many years of dreaming of a company offering online and remote marketing solutions, I finally took the plunge and started working as a Freelance Social Media Manager. I have worked with online content creation, travel writing, photography since 2017 through my own blog and website, while working with different clients. The dream of making it an online service came, when I was working fulltime in an office, creating marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies for just one company.  A dream of having more freedom to travel for a few years, finally resulted in me going freelance as a Social Media Manager.

Cahoma Creations is short for my 3 names, and creations is about creating the perfect solutions for your brand.

On a personal level, I have always been a traveller. At the age of 26 I have been to 59 countries. At age 19 I ventured off to travel around the world, before moving to Namibia to work at age 20. At age 23 I moved to Barcelona, where I built up experience and an extensive network in the Marketing community. I have studied in Malta and USA, and I hold a bachelors in International Sales & Marketing. I dive, skydive, pilot planes and anything in between. I live for happiness and turning my dreams into actions to obtain it.


I mainly travel with my American boyfriend Brian, and together we try to capture the best content to bring you along on the journey.

Join me and let me help you take your dreams to action.

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