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Here you can see my products and support me by buying them. They will each help you take your business or your hobby to the next level. Click on each product to read more and see what they include.


What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are one-click filters to easily edit your photos. Each preset filter is different. When I edit my images and I like the result, I often save the editing settings as a preset, which also makes it easier to edit if I have multiple photos of the same. Since light and other factors are different for each photo, you might have to change a few settings when editing, such as the light, but overall the presets are created for one-click edits. The presets that I'm selling are the exact presets that I use myself when editing my photos for instagram!


I'm new to Lightroom, can I still use your presets?

Yes! In fact, my presets are designed especially to help those with little editing knowledge to achieve a look similar to mine.


Are your downloads instant? How do I receive them?

Yes, all of my downloads are instant. They are sent to you via email to download immediately after payment is completed.




What program do I need to use your presets?

Our desktop presets are designed for latest Lightroom Classic CC desktop version.

If I buy a new computer or phone can I transfer my presets?

Once you receive your presets via email it’s a good idea to back them up on an external hard drive, as you will only have access to the download for 30 days after purchasing. You can do this by simply duplicating them or dragging them into the external hard drive folder. This way you have the presets stored safely forever.

I don’t shoot RAW photos, will the presets still work?

Shooting in RAW is recommended when using my desktop presets as it gives you access to all of the data within the photo. With that said, my presets will still work on all JPEG images, which includes iPhone photos etc.



I recommend to google how to import the presets, as it might change between the different versions of Lightroom, but here is a breakdown of the process: 

1. Open Lightroom and click on the Lightroom tab in the top left corner of the screen

2. Click Preferences

3. Click Presets

4. Click Show Lightroom presets folder

5. Open the Camera Raw folder

6. Click Settings

7. Drag your Presets into the User Presets folder

8. Restart Lightroom

9. Select one of your photos in Lightroom by clicking it and click on the Develop module (or 'D' for a shortcut). You'll see the Presets on the left.




What are Mobile Presets?

My Mobile Presets are instant filters that you can apply to your photos on your phone. Sometimes it’s difficult to find time to edit using a laptop, especially when travelling or exploring. my mobile presets are the easy solution as they allow users to quickly edit their photos in seconds using only their phones. You can quickly tap through each of them to find which one works best on each individual image. 


Which app do I need to use your Mobile Presets?

Our mobile presets are designed for the free Lightroom CC app. 


Do the presets work on iPhone images?

Yes! They work with all image types and mobile presets are especially for phone photos. Since every image is different not every preset will work on every single photo, you may need to do some slight tweaking after applying the preset to achieve a particular look. This can all be done in the Lightroom app and is very easy to do. 


What is the difference between the mobile presets and the desktop presets?  

Although the desktop presets are compatible with all image types, they are primarily designed for RAW images taken on DSLR cameras and cannot be used on a mobile phone. The mobile presets are designed especially for JPEG images (iPhone images etc) and are designed to be used as filters for those who want to edit quickly on their phones. The mobile presets do not work on the desktop Lightroom, as they are another file format. 


How do I import the Mobile Presets? 

I have created a free step by step guide which you can add to the cart when purchasing mobile presets.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me on or shoot me a message on instagram @itscamillamurray and I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours :-)

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