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Milano Outfits: What To Pack For A Blogger Trip

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

So, as promised in my packing vlog here’s a blog post with details about the outfits I brought for a blogger trip to Milano!

Now, the biggest difference in these outfits and what I used to bring on vacation before I started Instagramming, is definitely the colours, and that there’s almost only dresses. Before Instagram I’d probably just bring some black shorts and a basic T-shirt, but that’s not not looking good in pictures. Therefore now, there’s almost only dresses, and skirts – and in bright colours – don’t worry I still choose what’s comfortable for me. I’d never wear anything I didn’t feel comfortable in. I just found a new love for dresses and how easy it is to only put on one piece of clothing. Take a look for yourself.

My flight outfit

I flew back and forth in this outfit, mainly because it always gets a bit chilly in the air. These were the only jeans I brought, and I always bring a jacket or a sweater with me, and this red denim jacket from NA-KD is just perfect.


Link to my red denim jacket here. Link to my jeans here. (Use my code “MALM20” to get 20% off)

My favourite watch

I recently got this watch from Daniel Wellington, and I wear it every single day. So simple and elegant, and just enough. I have it in black, brown, red, and blue, because I just can’t get enough – and then there’s one for every outfit and occasion! It’s super easy to switch the straps for just the one that fits my outfit. I wanted this watch for so many years, now I finally got it, and I’m never taking it off.


Link to Daniel Wellington’s Classic Watches here. (Use my code “CAMILLA” to get 15% off!)


I also have one of their Classic Roselyn watches, which is their latest piece. There’s a link here.

Other outfits

I actually brought too many outfits (as always), so I had some choices to make. These were the ones that made the cut and got on my Instagram pictures.


Link to my yellow wrap dress from Vero Moda here.


My blue wrap dress from Nelly is unfortunately out, but here’s a link to Nelly’s wrap dresses.


Link to my denim jacket from Nelly here.


This skirt is no longer in stock, but here’s a link to Nelly’s denim skirts.


This dress is actually kinda old, but here’s a link to Nelly’s maxi dresses.

As I said in my blog post about How to grow your Instagram, it’s important to be inspiring. And as a travel blogger, it’s just not crazy inspiring if you’re wearing black basic clothes all the time. For the pictures it’s better with colourful clothes – but remember that it has to fit your surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed getting a small peak into what I pack in my suitcase for a blogger trip! Please like, comment, share, whatever 🙂


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