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Why meeting other bloggers is important

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Hi guys – and sorry for the absence on the blog!

I asked you on my Instagram what you’d like to see more of, and you answered personal, interior, fashion, among others – so of course I’ll provide! I will start by writing this post, which is a bit motivational, especially if you’re another blogger. Motivation is the key to success, and we all need motivation in our every day life!

“Motivation is the key to success.”

We all get motivated by different things, and it can be difficult to find the things that motivates you within different parts of your life. Because I have HSP, I normally get more motivated when left alone and to myself, like in a job, because I like just being me. But when it comes to blogging for example, it motivates me the most to meet other bloggers, and not be all alone! Weird right? I know, but maybe some of you can relate.


Brigitte and I in front of the church in Sitges. We got up so early to take this shot without people in it

Why meeting other bloggers is important

Meeting other bloggers is not only a big motivation to get you own business going, and maybe even taking it to the next level. It’s also so helpful and nice to get to share your thoughts, problems, and passion with someone else, who understands. My “normal” friends have no idea what I’m talking about half the time, and I don’t feel like I can talk to them about the blogging world the same way that I can with other bloggers. They just know what I’m talking about, without me having to explain, and that’s so nice!

“My “normal” friends have no idea what I’m talking about half the time.”

Furthermore, you get to share ideas, do’s and dont’s! That’s the best part! If you’re having any problems with your blog or Instagram, there’s a really high chance, that they’ve had or has the same problems! So you finally have someone that you can ask for advice, and get help from in terms of learning. I’ve learned so much from some of my blogger friends, who has a bigger audience than me or has been doing this for a longer time. They taught me how to build up my engagement on Instagram, taking better photos, what plugins are necessary, the benefits of joining Like&Comment-pods, why I can’t live without Lightroom, and so many other things, that I never thought of before!

Almost every blogger starts out and has absolutely no clue what we’re doing. So meeting and talking to other bloggers can actually save a lot of time! They sometimes knows what to avoid and what not to. A thing that I would’ve wished, that I knew from the beginning is to never collaborate with companies, that wants you to pay for their products. Never ever do that! It’s often something with you getting a discount on their products, and maybe a your own personal discount code, where you get commission for every time it’s used. Then you never see any money. These companies are total scams, so spare your time and your money, and just don’t do it! That’s a thing I wished someone had told me in the beginning. Your time is worth much more than that!

“That’s a thing I wished someone had told me in the beginning.”

You also get friends for a lifetime – and a photographer! One thing I find hard is to ask my “normal” friends or my family to take pictures for me, since I feel like the most annoying person in the world. They’re always so sweet and say yes, and I’m so grateful that they want to help! They just never care as much about the pictures as you or another blogger does. When you’re shooting with other bloggers, they know what it takes. They will tell you if your hair looks funny, you need to put you food in a different position, or if something in the background is off. It saves a lot of time, and you won’t cry when you get home to find out that all 200 pictures from that great location are useless because the photos are not focused (talking from bitter experience).

How to meet up with other bloggers

Now, when I lived in Barcelona it was super easy. There were facebook and meetup groups, which was easy to find with a simple search. And since many people in Barcelona are from other countries, they’re always looking for new friends, and are super open. In Denmark we’re known to be really closed and hard to talk to. It’s somewhat true, but we’re all nice people once we open up! So no matter where you live in the world, I’m sure people are nice once you get to know them.

“In Denmark we’re known to be really closed.”

If you want to meet another blogger, simply just invite them out for coffee! It might be scary if they have a bigger following than you, but in the majority of times I’m sure they’ll say yes (maybe unless you write the ones with 100k+ followers, and you’re at 10k yourself – they get a lot of requests).

All of the blogger friends I’ve gotten is from either meetups, and one of us writing the other for a coffee date. Then if you can combine your coffee date with some photo shooting, it’s really a win – and with bloggers it usually results in that.


The sweet Danish bloggers I got to spend an afternoon with! Always an inspiration, girls!

The reason behind this post is to give you some motivation to reach out to other bloggers, and create some friendships for life. Today I also had the pleasure of meeting up with 10 other bloggers located in Copenhagen, and as always it was super fun, and again so nice to share with them! It also motivated me to get my ass up from the couch and finally writing a blog post again.

So, to all my girls. Thank you.



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