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Sitges: the Greece of Spain

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Sitges is a small coastal town, just 30 minutes south of Barcelona. The small white and picturesque streets reminds you a bit of the beauty of Greece, while the wide, palm tree filled, white sand beach reminds you of Los Angeles or Miami. This town is one of the most LGBT-friendly in Europe, and probably also one of the most charming ones as well.

Together with my friend (and Instagram husband) Brigitte from A Little Blonde in Paradise, I went to Sitges for a little trip. We wanted to take some nice photos, eat some good food, and have a little mini vacation outside of Barcelona. All factors, that Sitges met quite satisfactory.

How to get to Sitges

Sitges is really easy to get to. The train goes straight from all major stations in Barcelona (Estacio de Franca, Passeig de Gracia and Estacio de Sants). A one way ticket costs 4.10€, and can be bought in a ticket office or a small automat on the stations. Depending on the station of departure, it takes between 30-50 minutes to arrive in Sitges. And Sitges Station is located right in the city centre, so it almost couldn’t be easier!

Where to stay

Sitges is known as the LGBT-city of the Catalonian coast, so keep this in mind when looking for accommodation. There’s many hotels, that are specifically for gay people or couples, and that don’t allow kids.

If you want a more luxurious feeling (and who doesn’t), there’s many vacation rental apartments around the city as well. Brigitte and I were so lucky to get to stay with Sitges Luxury Rentals in one of their Beach Villas. It was a beautiful villa with an ocean view – and it was freaking huge!


The front of the Beach Villa. We had a cute terrace with a beach view

This villa was incredible! It was right in front of the beach, and the grounds had a swimming pool and tennis court as well! Sitges Luxury Rentals offers 4 different villas, one with room for 22 overnight guests, one with room for 32 overnight guests, one with room for 35 overnight guests, and with room for 9 overnight guests, which is the one we stayed in. They’re villas are perfect for big groups of friends, family or even corporate events.

The owners Servais and Helena, who’s a sweet married couple from Holland and Sweden, made us feel so welcome and right at home. They had even filled up the fridge with a broad variety of drinks! Everything was super great and friendly, and they are definitely someone that we will both keep contact with. Thank you for everything!

Here’s some more fantastic pictures of our villa, since it’s too beautiful not to be shared!


The stunning view from our bedroom balcony


The beautiful master bedroom – I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view every day!


We had a small lounge area on the terrace – not a bad place to relax after a day at the beach


Get this! WE EVEN HAD THIS GIANT JACUZZI! It was just so pretty and relaxing!


The pool that belongs to the buildings. It had a kids pool and a pool of 25 meters to swim lengths.

Where to eat

Sitges has a lot of fantastic culinary experiences! So many, that you’ll actually be quite busy if you wanna try them all! Here’s just a few of our favourites:

Barcelona Cafe

This cute little place is located right down to the beach promenade. It has a quirky interior, and a warm and welcoming feeling. We hung out here for a couple of hours while we were waiting to check in.


Brigitte working her ass off in Barcelona Cafe 😉

Dosa Nova

Now, this! Is without a doubt my new favourite restaurant in Sitges! Dosa Nova is a little restaurant owned by the sweetest little family. They only serve vegan food, and it is all beyond delicious! It’s located in a cute little street, and has the cutest tables and small details. The owners made us feel very welcome, and helped us a lot in relation to what to see and do in Sitges.

We got a delicious pumpkin soup, Masala Dosa (an Indian pancake with curry inside), and a vegan burger wrapped in a dosa. It was so delicious!


Doesn’t this just look SO delicious? IT WAS!

Beach House

We had both heard of Beach House before arriving to Sitges. And we must admit it looks really good. We had decided that we wanted to eat brunch there, but after a failed attempt to find a good asian restaurant, we found that they had asian dishes on their menu as well. So we decided to give it a shot.

I got a Thai Green Curry, which was definitely not a proper Thai Green Curry. It tasted really good, but it was not a right green curry. Both our dinner and brunch tasted really good, and looked equally as good. But it was so expensive. Like, Danish prices expensive – in Spain. So all in all, we can conclude that this place is quite overrated.


Our brunch at Beach House – it was super good!

What to see

Sitges offers a lot picturesque places, and streets. Wander around the old town, which is the part on the northern part of the beach, by the Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla.


The Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla. It’s located right on the edge of the ocean

Get lost in the small, white streets, with all the beautiful blue details. It gives you a little vibe of Greece. Sitges is actually called the Greece of Spain – with good rights.


Beautiful white, and blue streets in Sitges – pure paradise

Just next to the church, there’s a cute little museum, called Museu de Maricel, which has stunning rooms, stairways, and roof! Perfect for Instagram pictures, haha!


You don’t even have to go in – the front of the museum is just as breathtaking

Another stunning place (Sitges is full of them), is the Port of Sitges. It’s like a small village in itself, with restaurants, hotels, and perfect places to chill. Get lost in the small streets of the port!


Restaurants on both sides, no cars, and just good vibes in Sitges Port!


The nightlife in Sitges is know to be quite wild! And quite queer – which just makes it wilder! Sitges is legendary when it comes to their many clubs, bars, good looking guys, and rainbow flags! Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go out, but I’ll for sure be back one day to try out all of their clubs!

The center of the nightlife can be found by the beach, and in Carrer Primer de Maig, and Carrer de Joan Tarrida.


The view from the side of the church. Here you can see hotels and the Port of Sitges

Sitges is a wonderful little gem, and it’s clear to see why so many summer there every year. It’s a sweet little, and relaxing town during the day, and a party city at night. It has so many wonderful beaches, which you can read more about here. I will without a doubt return soon, because I feel like there’s still so much of Sitges to be discovered, in addition to their nightlife! I really want to go during their annual Carnaval de Sitges, which takes place in February.

Have you ever been, and do you have any tips for me? Please comment or contact me!


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