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Secret bars and places in Barcelona

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The best and most exciting part of travelling is to go off the beaten path and find secret places. To go see, try, and explore things, that most people have never heard of or even found. Every big city has its secrets, and here’s some of Barcelona’s.

1881 Sagardi

I’ve written about this “hidden” rooftop bar before. It’s not really a secret place, but not many knows where to find it. It’s located on top of the History Museum of Catalonia. So you actually have to go in through one of the museum’s buildings, and take the back elevator. When you reach the 4th floor, you’ll find a gorgeous restaurant with the best view of the harbour Port Vell. Enjoy the view from 1881 Sagardi while sipping on a glass of Catalan cava.

Address: Placa de Pau Vila 3, Port Vell


The beautiful rooftop of 1881 Sagardi – not bad right?

El Paradiso

This is probably one of the coolest bars I’ve visited. It’s hidden behind a Sandwich Deli Shop. So how you find it is, that you have to go through the sandwich shop’s fridge. You have to open the old fridge in the shop, walk into it, and behind a curtain you’ll find the hidden bar. AND! They make insane drinks! My favourite drink might be the Caribbean Nights, which comes with a chocolate spoon, coconut whipped cream and golden vermicelli.

Bonus info: This bar even has another secret bar! Rumours says that the access is through the sink in the men’s bathroom! So unfortunately, I haven’t been able to check if the rumours were true. If you go, please let me know!

Address: Carrer de Rera Palau 4, El Born


It’s the white fridge on the left that opens up and reveals the secret bar

El Armario

Another really hidden bar, which will remind you a bit of Narnia. When you encounter the restaurant, you’ll hear music but you won’t be able to figure out where it comes from at first. It comes from the wardrobe. So to enter the bar, you have to crawl through the wardrobe in the restaurant. In best style of Narnia of course. The name El Armario also means “The Wardrobe”, so if you speak a bit of Spanish, it should give it away. This bar is not always open. It simply depends on the owner’s mood. So you have to be lucky to find it on a day it’s open.

Address: Carrer de la Riereta 11, El Raval


It doesn’t look like much – but behind this door should be El Armario! I wasn’t lucky enough to visit when it was open since you never know when it is

El Jardi

It’s not really secret as some of the other places on this list. But it’s not as well known and easily found. As you might be able to guess from the name, it’s a garden. Well, it’s a small cafe and restaurant, which is hidden in a garden. It’s located in the garden of what used to be an old hospital, but now the Public Library of Catalonia. It’s a super cute and cozy place, where you can easily spend many hours.

Address: Carrer de l’Hospital 56, El Raval

Horta’s Labyrinth Park

This place is not really secret, but less know. No matter when you go, you will not find a lot of people. The Spanish name is Parc del Laberint d’Horta. It’s a beautiful park located a bit out of the city centre. It offers wide areas to stroll around in, but you can also enter the maze if you dare. You can try race your friends to the middle. It’s a nice and different ekskursion, especially if you want to try something different in Barcelona.

Address: Passeig dels Castanyers 1, Horta

Bobby’s Free

I found this old school Barber shop, because it’s located right next to my office, and I walk by it every day. We started discussing it in the office, that this barber shop looked rather odd. We then discovered, that it’s because it’s a hidden bar! Once you go in, you have to give them a secret password, which they change every month. You can find the password on either their Facebook, Instagram or just on their website. You then enter the secret bar through a mirror on the wall, that swings open. Cool right?

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris 85, Eixample


Bobbys Free during the day as a barber shop – would you notice it?

L’Antic Teatre

As other places on this list, this place is not exactly secret. It’s just hidden and less well-known. You have to go down a small alley, and with only a little sign and a small stair case to point you in the right direction, you can find this gem of a garden. By the staircase on the street it says “L’Antic Teatre”, but you’ll never guess what’s actually in there. It’s an old theatre, with a nice little garden to chill in. You can easily let hours pass here. Sometimes you can be lucky to experience live jazz or performances here. You can find their program on their website.

Address: Carrer Verdaguer i Callis 12, El Born


The little hidden balcony in El Jardi – super cute!

This is only a few of Barcelona’s secret bars and restaurants – I’m sure there’s plenty more! Let me know if you know some!

I hope you'll enjoy these spots - let me know if you visit and enjoy them and feel free to tag me on Instagram @camillamalm!


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