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Places to eat and drink in Barcelona

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Going to Barcelona? Here’s a guide of where to eat and drink! Both cheap and more expensive ones – but nothing’s really expensive in Barcelona 😉

Note: especially during weekends, it’s necessary to book a table at all places mentioned in this blog post! (some of them does not take reservations). It’s not possible possible to book tables at the mentioned “drink” places.

Additional note: all the places mentioned offers vegan and vegetarian dishes!

Eat – the cheap ones

Pintxos in the bar at Zodiaco


Zodiaco is a pintxos bar in Poble Sec and is without a doubt my favourite pintxos place! Pintxos are more traditional in Catalunya than tapas and are small pieces of bread with a lot of stuff on top. I often describe it like this: it looks like they had a competition of who could stack most weird stuff on top of a piece of bread. It might not sound delicious, but I promise it’s good! Each piece costs 1€ and I recommend to drink a glass of their vermouth while you eat. Vermouth is a fermented type of wine, which is also very traditional to Catalunya. As I’ve mentioned in What to do in Barcelona, Poble Sec is home to many great, local restaurants.

Address: Carrer de Blai 39

Eating stuffed flowers at Flax&Kale


Now this! Is one of my all time favourite restaurants in Barcelona! Flax&Kale serves mainly raw and vegan food – don’t let i scare you, they serve fish too! They care a lot about allergies and special preferences for food, so in their menu, you can see what each dish contains, for example if it’s gluten free, lactose free, contains fish or is vegan. And all of their food is insanely delicious and their decoration is exactly my taste – light and Nordic with palm trees!

Address: Carrer dels Tallers 74B

Alsur Cafe

Okay. I admit it. I have many favourites. And they will all be mentioned in this blog post. But Alsur Cafe is probably the one I visit most often – mainly because I live right next to their cafe in El Born. They serve a variety of delicious dishes, including Red Velvet or Oreo waffles, and Carrot Cake pancakes! They also have five different cakes (chocolate, carrot cake, lemon pie, red velvet and cheesecake), which are all equally mouth drooling – I can’t decide which one is the best! Need I say more?

Addresses: El Born – Plaza de Sant Cugat 1

Palau – Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt 4

Lluria – Carrer de Roger de Lluria 23

La Luna

La Luna is a traditional tapas place, hidden right next to Santa Maria del Mar. It serves a delicious variety of tapas, including many vegetarian and vegan dishes – way to go!

Address: Carrer del Abaixadores 10

La Vietnamita

A small Vietnamese restaurant in El Born, right across the street from Museu de Xocolata. They also have restaurants in Sant Antoni and Gracia. La Vietnamita makes delicious food and is without a doubt some of the best vietnamese food I’ve found in Barcelona! They offer gluten free, nut free, vegetarian or vegan dishes, which I loooove, haha!

Addresses: El Born – Carrer Comerc 78

Sant Antoni – Carrer Comte Borrell 85

Gracia – Carrer Torrent de L’Olla 78

Kaiten Sushi

I am a big sushi lover, so of course I have to mention a sushi restaurant as well! And Kaiten Sushi is one of the only places I’ve found in Barcelona, that has running sushi! They have many different ones, including vegan options, so don’t worry!

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris 72

Pizza Paco

adore this place. Mostly because they have VEGAN pizza! More of this please! Even my non-vegan friend tasted my pizza and she got so jealous of my (amazing AND vegan) pizza, that she didn’t even wanted her own (“normal”) pizza anymore! Pizza Paco is located right next to Upiaywasi and the same owner also has a tapas bar on the other side of the street, called Casa Paco.

Address: Carrer de l’Allada-Vermell 7

Eat – the more expensive (not that expensive)


Okay, if I have to spend a bit more money when I go out – this is the place! Holy mother of God, I’ve rarely had this good food! Rasoterra is without a doubt my favorite restaurant in Barcelona and is completely meat free, but don’t let it scare you if you like your meat. I brought family here, and my dad joked around saying that he would need a trip to McDonalds afterwards. But he admitted it was the best food he had the entire trip! Omg, my mouth is drooling just by thinking of their food, it’s mind blowing! The service is not bad either! The waiters are happy to guide you through their selection of tapas and to suggest a wine that goes with it.

Address: Carrer de Palau 5


Now, Sensi has five different restaurants with different menus, but I’ve tried them all and they’re all equally good! Take a look at their different menus here. Sensi likes to take traditional tapas and make them untraditional. The service is great here and you really feel welcome. All of their restaurants are so popular that you need to book a table in advance!

Address: all located in Gotico, but look at their website for more info.

Casa Lolea

One of the first tapas places to win my heart. Everything from the dots, that are everywhere, to the atmosphere, to the interior! Casa Lolea serves a broad variety of both traditional and different tapas. You have to try their Truffle Risotto and the pan con tomate, the latter which is a traditional Catalan dish. This restaurant is also so popular, that you need to book in advance.

Address: Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt 49

OneOcean and its beautiful settings


Okay, so OneOcean is a members only club. But iiiiif you should happen to be a member (in which case you probably know), their food is delicious – but nothing beats their location! It’s located in Port Vell, and if you’re lucky, you can get a table right next to the water and in the sun – doesn’t get more perfect. They don’t offer many vegetarian or vegan dishes, but I’ve gotten addicted to their shiitake sushi. If you go, dress up, this is an exclusive place!

Address: Moll de la Barceloneta 1

Drink – the cheap ones

L’Ovella Negra Ramblas

This big bar is one of those little hidden gems. It’s hidden in a little alley next to Las Ramblas. You have to go through a small door and through a small passage before you go into the actual bar. High ceilings, big tables, table football, pool tables and no music is the characteristics for this extraordinary place. L’Ovella Negra is a place to go with friends, not family. This is a great place to get really drunk – they offer 5 liter Sangria towers for only 27€! Is this heaven or what? I have to admit, I’ve tried to finish the tower a couple of times with girlfriends, and we’ve never succeeded.. Shameful, I know!

Address: Carrer de les Sitges 5

Bar Marsella

THIS IS A MUST SEE! This is the oldest bar in Europe! How cool is that? AND Hemingway used to be a regular! I was close to mentioning this bar in What to do in Barcelona, because it’s a must see! This bar screams of older generations and is really an experience. The ceiling is hangi