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Milano: City Guide

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

I hadn’t been to Milano since I was a young teenager, and honestly only remembered the city as boring. So when I suddenly got the chance to go with two friends in May, I couldn’t say no, and couldn’t wait to experience the city with fresh eyes. Having spent most of my childhood in Italy, it has a special place in my heart, that no other country in Europe will ever be able to replace, and I always want to go!

I can now my perception of Milano has changed (of course) for the better! It’s an amazing city, and the 5 days we had was actually too little! I’ve always loved Italy so I was also just so happy to be back. Milano has so much to offer, and here’s some of my best tips.

(I just wanna apologize in advance for not having enough pictures of the food and restaurants – I was too busy eating, haha!)

Where to stay in Milano

Not knowing much about Milano it’s hard to figure out in what neighbourhood it’s best to stay in. I always research a lot before travelling somewhere, so of course I did that this time too, and even asked some of my friends who lives in the city.

The Navigli neighbourhood 

This is where we ended up staying, and I couldn’t be happier! It’s the cosiest part of Milano with small canals, cobble stone streets, and just a fantastic vibes! Alongside the biggest canal Naviglio Grande, you can find an ocean of cute, local restaurants on one side, and even more clubs and bars on the other. It’s perfect for going out, and it’s packed with locals and tourists in all ages! No need to say we ended up hanging around here almost every day.

Where to eat in Milano

No matter where you are in Italy, you can eat your way through the days. Italians really knows how to do food, to do it simple, and tasty. I ate pizza and pasta every day, haha! We quickly found some favourite places to eat. Most of these places are in the Navigli neighbourhood, where a joining factor is that you’re sitting right next to the canals, and it’s just the cutes spot.


Located in the Navigli neighbourhood, and probably the best pasta we found in town – and it was something as simple as pasta with pesto and pine nuts, but it was so delicious!

Fabbrica Pizzeria 

Located a bit further down the canal, which just makes it less crowded, and completely perfect! This restaurant has the cutest flower wall and a little courtyard if you want to sit a bit more excluded from the crowds.


See how cozy? Canals, flowers, sunset, pizza and wine. All I need in one picture!

Pizzeria Del Ticinese

We got this place recommended by a local, when we asked for the best pizza in Milano. And I have to say this is a hard competitor for the title. It was super good, and super cheap! The restaurant was cute and local, and the family that runs it makes you feel welcome.

Hosteria Della Musica

We were honestly scouting for beautiful restaurants to take a cute pizza shot, and we were walking around Brera, which is a little neighbourhood with the cutest streets, when we found this place! It was so popular and completely packed all day, so we booked a table for lunch the next day. When we arrived we got a glass of champagne, and they were so honoured that we wanted to take pictures at their restaurant. I got a truffle pizza, and it was amazing. Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m obsessed with truffle, so I was so excited when I saw it on their menu, haha!


Super cozy settings, and real italian vibes with checkered tablecloths.

Granaio Caffé e Cucina

BEST. CROISSANTS. EVER. Especially their croissants with some kind of pistachio cream inside, they’re to die for! And after trying them, we couldn’t stop talking about them for the rest of the trip.

Bio Pizza

This place I found because I googled “truffle pizza in Milano” (that’s how obsessed I am, haha!). And we’re so thankful that we went there, because these pizzas where so good! The restaurant had a cool and kinda classy vibe, and it was just all-in-all a fantastic meal.


Most Insta-worthy lunch spot in Milano for sure! Everyone I know, that know’s Milano told me to go here because “It’s such an Instagrammer spot” – and they were right. Everything from interior, to drinks, to food, was like made for Instagram (it’s a smart strategy). Even if you don’t wanna put it on Instagram, do yourself a favour and have lunch in their cozy settings – just be sure to book a table or go early as it’s highly popular. It’s located right next to the park, but also has a small takeaway stand at Milano Centrale.

Where to drink in Milano

For me a vacation equals drinks. It might not to everyone, but if you’re one of my people you’ll enjoy some of these amazing drink places!

PINCH Spirits & Kitchen

I got this place recommended by a friend who’s living in Milano so of course we had to check it out. Their drinks are really something special! It took us 20 minutes alone to decide which drinks we should order, simply because they had so many different and exciting options! It’s located right next to Navigli Grande, and there’s always a party at night.

Terazza Aperol

You can’t go to Italy and not drink Aperol Spritz around the clock. Well maybe you can but I sure has hell can’t. I can drink this orange wonder of a drink all day, every day – so of course we had to check out the Terazza Aperol, which is probably the bar in town with the must enchanting view. Here you can get all varieties of an Aperol drink that you can think of, and you can enjoy it while you tear up by the sights of the Duomo di Milano.


Not a bad view for a drink, am I right?

Bulgari Hotel Milano

This is without a doubt one of the most expensive places in Milano, just so you’re warned. But the Bulgari Hotel has the cutest little garden, where you can chill in cozy lounge chairs amongst animals and fancy business men.

Where to take Instagram pictures in Milano

Every bloggers most important question and research when visiting a new place – where do you find the best Instagram spots? Here’s some of our must-go-to spots on our list to give you some inspiration. I’ve also written a blog post with my Milano Outfits, so you can see what I brought for a Blogger Trip.


No doubt one of my favourite photos ever! I had this visioned already weeks before going, so this was one of my absolutely musts on my list!

Duomo di Milano

Let’s start off with the most important Instagram location – the Duomo. It’s without a doubt a must to take pictures here – did you even go to Milano if you didn’t? Please note that if you come during the day and want to take pictures with the pidgeons, you have to pay the pidgeon men. We didn’t know this so we didn’t have any cash, and got into quite an argument with them and it wasn’t pleasant.

Tip: Go as early as possible to get a picture without any people in it. We went at 6 AM, and we got the place to ourselves, which was super nice!


This Photo was taken at 6:30 in the morning. To our big dissappointment there was some tents and fences put up in front of it. But what can you do when you got up this early to get that shot? You take it anyway!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The Galleria is an old shopping arcade, which also houses some of the most expensive and coolest hotels in town, along with some of the best rooftops. This is also where you can find the high-fashion stores, such as Gucci, Prada, and so on.

Tip: If you want to take pictures down by the shops and cafes, go early, as it’ll be completely packed during the day.


A beautiful (and almost empty) Galleria at 7 AM. This was also one of my most liked pictures on Instagram so far.

The Brera Neighbourhood

Brera is a super cute area in the Northern part of Milano center, with small cobblestone streets and lots of charm. We wandered around here and accidentally stumbled upon many cute Instagram spots.


By a total coincidence I found a scooter that matched my yellow dress. So of course I had to take a picture here.

Milano Centrale

When we first arrived we took a Photo in front of the Milano Central Station, and it was really pretty! So I’d definitely say it’s an Instagram spot!


How pretty is this? Such a great “I’ve arrived”-spot!

Cinque Terre

Okay, so this is not in Milano! If you don’t already know, Cinque Terre is five small Italian cities by the coast – which only takes 2,5 hours by train from Milano. And it’s a pure Instagram/blogger paradise! Okay granted, the two other bloggers I travelled with didn’t know about it, but I can’t blame them since they’re fashion/lifestyle, so they don’t necessarily need to travel to pretty places, haha.


We climbed this rock in Vernazza to take some pictures, and we were great entertainment for all the tourists!

We took the train from Milano Centrale to Monterosso at 8 AM, so we arrived around 11 AM. Around Cinque Terre (which Means Five Lands btw) it’s possible to travel either by foot or train. We bought tickets for the little green Cinque Terre train and chose to start of with Manarola. We had to catch our train back to Milan at 5 PM, so we decided to only do three cities so we could have more time taking great pictures. So we had an early lunch in Manarola, made dreamy eyes of gelato in Vernazza, and had a late lunch in Monterosso.


If you go up the right side of the rocks, you can find a little cafe with the most stunning view of Manarola!

A couple of years back I went to Cinque Terre with one of my friends who was living in Firenze, and we saw all five cities. Monterosso is my favourite of the five, and we found the most amazing restaurant that has a little deck on a rock in the water, and it’s just so cozy. I could easily eat there every day, and I’d be the happiest girl in Europe! The restaurants name is Il Casello.


Not a bad view for a lunch right? Was sooo happy to be back at this restaurant!

I hope you enjoyed my Milano tips! I’ll be back soon I hope, so if you have some other great tips for me, please share 🙂

Psst! All of the photos here are edited with my Milano Presets! They’re my favourite yet – use the code “LOVEMILANO” to get 10% off!


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