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London Guide

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Now, this is of course not a full guide to London – because let’s face it, London is huge! But here I’ll give you an idea of where to eat in London, where to stay and hang out in general. I’ve been to London countless times, and I will never get tired of this busy city.

Where to stay in London

This time I stayed out in Canary Wharf, but only because I was visiting a friend – I won’t recommend it as a tourist. Normally I try to either stay in Camden or closer to Victoria and in the city centre.


Saw the most beautiful sunrise above Tower Bridge. Made it worth it to get up at 6 AM.

Camden Town

This to me is one of the best places to be in London. Camden is a district in the northern part of London, known for the eccentric and alternative houses and decorations. Camden is most known for Camden Market, which is a big market (actual several melted into one) happening every weekend. Most stalls are also open during the weekdays, but most is happening during the weekend.

Take a stroll through the old stables, browse through all the small quirky stalls, take photos of all the funny house decorations, and grab a cup of coffee by the small canals. Camden is such a cozy place, where you can easily spend most of your day.

The Northern line goes straight to Camden Town from the central part of London, so if you’re staying here it’s easy to take the tube into other parts of London, and it only takes around 10-15 minutes.

Covent Garden

Cutest little district of London centre. It has a lot of pedestrian areas, and cute cobblestone streets with even cuter cafes. Haha, can you hear my excitement for this place?

Here, you’re also in close walking distance to all the main landmarks, such as London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and so on.


Another cute part of London, packed with the best restaurants and cafes! Super centrally tucked between Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Tottenham Court Road, and Covent Garden – it really doesn’t get much better!


Southwark is (as you can hear) on the south side of the river Thames, and if I should recommend a place to stay on this side, this is it. Southwark is the area between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, so you’re again in perfect walking distance to some of the most famous landmarks.

Furthermore, you’ll be staying close to the Borough Market, which is packet with some of the most hip restaurants and bars in London, and offers a thriving night life!


Took a boat trip down the Thames, and it resulted in this stunning view of Tower Bridge!

Where to eat in London

Now, I’ve only tried a few places in London – and not even half of the ones I had in mind! So this is just my favourite places in London, that I feel I can truly recommend.

Boro Bistro

Located just on the edge of Borough Market, Boro Bistro is a cozy little place, that had me eating twice my own weight! They mainly serve French food and cheeses, but also has burgers, a kids menu and lunch. AND if you ask for it, they have a lot of vegan food!

Their drinks are also really good – you can tell that they really care for both their beer and wine, and if you only want to go for drinks, they have the cutest outside gardens with a lot of lights, heaters, and blankets!

Address: 6-10 Borough High Street, Southwark

Inamo Covent Garden

This place probably wins the title as the most interesting place, I’ve ever eaten at! You can play GAMES and order your food on the table! Yes – ON! The tables are interactive, and comes with a small “remote”, so you can play different games, order your food, change the table cloth, and other things. It’s so cool!

Inamo serves Asian fashion, and everything there tastes so good! And if you come on your birthday, you get free chocolates after dinner!

Address: 11-14 Hannover Pl, Covent Garden


Here you can see the interactive tables! It was such a cool experience!


Okay, it might be the same as all the other places in China Town, but I went to Haozhan because they had one of the biggest selections of dumplings. And my love for dumplings is indescribable.

It’s super Chinese, so everything on the menu is also super good! I ordered enough food for two people, and I was only me, but I simply couldn’t decide, haha. And you know it’s a good place when it’s packed with Chinese people.

Address: 8 Gerrard Street, China Town

Muriel’s Kitchen

If you make your way to South Kensington, I can highly recommend Muriel’s Kitchen for breakfast or brunch! They serve Instagram-friendly food, drinks and everything is super yummy!

The only bad thing I can say about this place, is that they’re so full, that they want you to pay quite quickly after you’ve eaten, which can seem a bit rude. You know, time is money, We didn’t let it bother us though, so we just stayed until we felt like we wanted to leave.

Address: 1-3 Pelham St, Kensington


Cute interior right? Everything is super Instagram friendly!

Boxpark Shoreditch

Another cool place to hang out in London is Shoreditch. Here you can also find Boxpark Shoreditch, which is a big collection of yummy street food. They also have an area with fashion, but it’s only open during the day.

Here you can try out everything from Greek, Italian to burger, and everything in between, and flush it down with some really good quality beer.

Address: 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch


This is how the outdoor area of Boxpark in Shoreditch looks like! Super cozy!

Bill’s Soho Restaurant

In the beginning of Soho, you can’t help but notice Bill’s. It stands out as a super colourful and beautiful cafe, and once you peak inside, you can’t help but taking a seat! The interior is just stunning, and you will feel right at home. I felt so at home, I spent 6(!) hours there, just working, drinking coffee and eating their delicious food.

There’s more than 10 Bill’s located over L