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50 things you didn’t know about me

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

So to celebrate that I reached 50.000 followers on Instagram, I’m gonna share 50 things, that you may or may not know about me – so if you don’t, you’ll now know me a bit more.

1. My birthday is 2nd of November. I’m born in 1993. So I’ll turn 25 soon to the ones not bothered to do the math.

2. I’m born in Copenhagen, Denmark. My family is mainly from Jutland, and it’s big one, since we’re an old clan.

3. My middle name is Holk. It comes from the clan family, but has also been the root to many nicknames in relation to The Hulk over the years.

4. I moved to Barcelona alone when I was 22. It was the best decision ever, and I miss it every single day! I lived there for 1,5 years, and after that I came home to Copenhagen for a bit, but over the summer I have lived in Malta, where I just moved back from.

5. I’ve been to 53 countries. My goal is to some day reach all 195 countries.

6. My biggest dream is to go to Antarctica, and I want to go before I turn 30! My second biggest dream is to own an animal sanctuary and rescue injured or abandoned animals, or animals from slaughter houses.

7. I travelled around the world when I was 19 with a bunch of strangers. Some of them are today some of my best friends.

8. I moved to Namibia alone when I was 20. I worked with animals on a farm – everything from cheetahs, lions, baboons, and everything in between.

9. I’ve shared a sleeping bag with both an adult and baby cheetah. They were afraid of the dark and would howl if I didn’t.

10. I took a flying certificate in New Zealand when I was 21. Because my ex boyfriend thought it could be fun – and it was!

11. I’m always freezing, like seriously. Everyone else can be in t-shirts and I need a jacket. Weirdly enough it’s mainly if I’m inside.

12. I used to be a professional dancer in both Jazz Ballet and HipHop. I competed in the World Championships 3 years in a row when I was in high school.

13. I prefer animals over humans. I actually don’t even like humans, haha.

14. I went vegetarian when I was 22, so I’ve soon been vegetarian for 3 years. I live vegan at home, but eat vegetarian when I’m out, if I can’t get vegan.

15. I don’t know the first thing about make-up. Like non. I’m really not a girly girl on that point, and I rarely wear any.

16. I love playing PlayStation. I have all the old games – Crash Bandicoot, Guitar Hero, etc.

17. I care a lot about tea! Don’t if it’s in my family or because I’m danish, but tea it a big deal to me, and I know a lot about it, haha.

18. My favourite food is all kinds of asian food.

19. My favourite country is New Zealand. No doubt!

20. I have a younger sister, Cathrine, who’s 21 years old and lives in Copenhagen. She has red hair, is super tall and skinny, so we don’t really look alike, haha.

21. I’m a really positive person. I will always be able to find something positive out of any situation. It can sometimes annoy my friends, haha which I don’t get!

22. I love to cook. I’m not the best or the fastest, and I mainly cook the same 10 things, but I really enjoy it. I just relax when I’m in the kitchen. Then I sing and dance to musical songs at the same time.

23. I’m not religious. But I’m kinda spiritual, and I love meditation, astrology, spirits, etc.

24. I always thought I was a cat person, until I got a dog. Now I’m just an animal person, haha.

25. I’ve been single for 4 years (damn). I’m super picky, trust people too much so it’s easier not to, and then it’s just hard to date when you’re always travelling.

26. I speak 5 languages. Danish, English, Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish. Besides that I can read and understand German, and a little bit Dutch, French and Italian.

27. I’ve always been reading a lot. As a kid I got “reading restrictions”, and was only allowed to read a certain amount of hours per day. Granted, I need to get better at finding time to read now that I’m grown.

28. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books at least 15 times each. BEST BOOKS EVER! And I’m a proud Gryffindor.

29. I love watching reality tv. I’m so not ashamed. But again picky, so I only watch the same 3-4 shows.

30. I’m a HSP Extrovert Introvert. What that means, you can read more about here.

31. I’ve always known I was meant for something more than the “normal” life. Hence Instagram, and not believing that a boring office job is the only way to a good life.

32. I bought a guitar when I was 18. I never learned how to play.

33. I cry every day. Don’t worry, mostly it’s when watching tv or to a song.

34. I can cry to every movie! So I do, because I simply can’t help it.

35. I feel most at peace in nature, around animals and alone.

36. I love flying, and I love plane food!

37. I have the spine of a worm. I’m just so weak when it comes to something I can or can’t do, like “don’t eat chips” and “work out more”. I suck at it.

38. I have 3 tattoos. Some text on my arm, my birthday in roman numbers down my spine, and a heart on my left ring finger. I know I’ll get more eventually.

39. My first tattoo says “Live without regrets”. I love it, because it still reminds me to do so.

40. I’m super impulsive and often do (kinda stupid) stuff without thinking twice. Then I just remember my tattoo and live with it.

41. I believe that happiness is created in the moment, which is why I always choose from what I will be happy with in the moment. It’s not always the best idea. Then I remember my tattoo again and live with it.

42. I hate texting (and emails and all that). It takes me ages to reply to anything, because I simply forget about it.

43. I absolutely hate talking on the phone even more! I basically hate being in contact with other people when it’s expected of me, haha!

44. I take it super personal if people cancel on me, but I often cancel myself. Because I’m HSP – so I think that gives me a valid reason, haha!

45. I don’t really drink soda. I don’t like the bubbles. Maybe 1 per month.

46. I believe too much in people, and they always let me down. Hence number 15 – I don’t like humans.

47. I once had black and red hair. Total disaster. Because I was rather alternative/emo. Total disaster.

48. I think I’m super hilarious. And does my mum, so it’s true you know. She once told me I should become a standup comedian. I don’t think I’m that funny though.

49. I can skydive alone without an instructor. My favourite jump was in Hawaii, where I saw whales under me in the ocean.

50. I took my diving certificate when I was 16. Now I dive every time I get the chance. I would love to work with diving in Asia one day.

So, that was a lot! Haha, I honestly struggled with coming up with all 50, but here you go! That’s basically the main things to know about me. I think I’m pretty interesting for a 24 year old blonde girl – but I have to think that, right? Haha, anyway, I hope you enjoyed it! If there’s anything else you wanna know, you can always ask me in the comments or shoot me a message 🙂


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