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by Camilla Malm

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Who is Cahoma Creations?

Turn your dreams into actions

Cahoma Creations is passionate about helping brands find their creative voice. My name is Camilla, and I aim to help my clients reach their goals with their social media - without having to do the work. Cahoma Creations is an Freelance Social Media Management solution, that can customise any solution to fit your company. I specialise in remote and online marketing, graphic design and advertising campaigns, and I strive to make it more achievable for everyone.

What I Do

I do everything marketing related - without taking up space in your office

man camera taking photo photographer
Taking Picture of Food
Legal Research and Writing

Content Creation

I can take photos of your products or do graphic design

Social Media Management

Let me strategize and manage your social media


I can write your blog posts and press releases or anything else

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