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I'll teach you to start and build the online business of your dreams.


I offer different online courses - one about Social Media Management, one for starting any kind of online business, and one to build an online course and set it up as passive income.


Hi! I'm Camilla!

I'm an online educator and business coach for women.

I help women start and build the online business of their dreams, whether that is to get get more freedom, increase their income or simply just to challenge themselves.

I have built multiple online courses teaching you everything you need about Social Media Management, starting an online business, and building your own online course - some courses both in Danish and English.

What I Do

I primarily help women build businesses - but I also have a few spaces open for high-level Social Media Management or consulting for companies


Learn to start your own business as a freelance Social Media Manager.

Available both in Danish and English.

Scale your current business with high-level strategies and support.

Available at special reques only.

Social Media Management and consulting for companies, or Content Creation for brands.

Limited spaces.

Ready to work together? See how you can learn from me:

Want to start learning already? Grab a seat at a free training:


Learn the basics so that you can start your freelance Social Media Management business today

During this free training I will teach you my proven framework and techniques to become a fully booked Social Media Manager.

This free webinar is in English - find the Danish webinar below.

Lær hvad du skal bruge, så du starte din freelance Social Media Management virksomhed i dag

I løbet af denne gratis træning vil jeg lære dig mine gennemprøvede rammer og teknikker til at blive en fuldt booket Social Media Manager.

Dette gratis online foredrag foregår på dansk.

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