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Hotel review: Ästad Vingård

(Press trip)

Say hello to a new player on the Swedish spa hotel market. You might have heard of Falkenberg or Ystad Saltsjöbad. Now let me introduce you to Ästad Vingård. Ästad Vingård is a modern and romantic spa hotel in Halland County in Sweden. Only a 20-minute drive from Falkenberg you will find this little oasis in the middle of the Swedish countryside. Tucked between rolling hills, forests, lakes and an abundance of cows you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of Ästad Vingård, which stretches down and on both sides of a windy country road.

The biggest outdoor pool in the outdoor spa area


Ästad Vingård is located in Halland County in the southern Sweden, only a 2,5-hour drive from Copenhagen, a 2-hour drive from Malmö or a 1,5 hour drive from Goteborg.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to Ästad Vingård is to drive by car, but it is also possible to reach by public transport with train or bus to Falkenberg or Varberg and then a bus from there. The hotel is also very glad to help with any questions about transportation.

The spa

Ästad Vingård does not only make their own wine as the name suggests. They have a big spa area, that is both inside and outside. Inside you’ll find a big heated pool, a steam room, as well as multiple saunas and relaxation areas – even with hammock chairs. Most rooms inside offer a panoramic view of the beautiful area outside. Outside there’s again a big heated pool, but there’s also two lake pools, where one is slightly colder than the other. Outside you can also find the world’s only underwater sauna! It was such a cool experience! Furthermore, you can find a big selection of different saunas, as well as a steam room and smaller wooden hot tubs.

The spa area at Ästad Vingård is so big that even though we spent two days there, I doubt if we ever found everything. Everything was spread out and it was easy to get privacy. It was really and extraordinary and magical experience.

If you’re not staying at the hotel you can buy a day pass to the spa. You can see all prices here. It is not all hotel guests that has access to the spa, as it depends on the package you buy.

Outdoor spa lake area at Ästad Vingård in Sweden
One of the cold water lakes in the outdoor spa area

The rooms

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a sleeping arrangement at Ästad Vingård. There are smaller cottages, bigger cottages, classic rooms and suites. We were lucky to stay in one of the bigger suites with our own private tub and sauna, as well as a panoramic view of the spa and the surrounding fields.

The rooms in the main building are all new and modern – so modern that you control the lights, temperature, sauna, music, blinds and everything else on a little screen on the wall!

The rooms are also fully equipped with robes and slippers for the spa, Nespresso coffee machines and a selection of wine and beer from the local area – wine from their own wine yard of course.

Hotel bath tub at Ästad Vingård in Sweden
The tub we had in our room

The food

The hotel itself has a restaurant in one of the older main buildings, which is decorated in old traditional Swedish style. This is where you eat breakfast and you can choose to eat dinner here or at Restaurang Äng.

Restaurang Äng is an individual restaurant, that is still in some way together with Ästad Vingård. Restaurang Äng is located right next to the main building and looks like an old white castle from the Middle Ages. Here you can get served Michelin-worthy food and enjoy a magical sunset over the surrounding fields. We were lucky enough to eat dinner here and it was breathtakingly good. Remember to book a table in advance, as people from the area often come here for a special dinner.

Restaurant Äng at Ästad Vingård in Halland, Sweden
The entrance to Restaurant Äng


There are many different packages at Ästad Vingård. You can either just stay at the hotel, you can stay at the hotel and do a wine tasting, you can also stay at the hotel and go to the spa, or you can just go to a wine tasting or a spa alone, or you can stay at the hotel and get wine and dinner as well. The options are many – and rather decently priced if I have to say so!

You can take a full look of their packages here.

wine glasses with white wine at Ästad Vingård in Sweden
Wine tasting: we got to taste 3 different white wines

Overall experience at Ästad Vingård

The overall experience was beyond amazing. We only stayed here for 1 night and it definitely wasn’t enough. If you really want a special and romantic experience close to Copenhagen I can really recommend visiting Ästad Vingård. All in all, it can easily be concluded that our weekend at Ästad Vingård was nothing short of magical and amazing. We’re already talking about how amazing it would be to experience it in the winter as well, so we’re hoping to come back very soon! We cannot recommend this place enough.

You can take a look at some more photos from our stay on my Instagram :-)

Address: Ästad 10, 432 77 Tvååker, Sverige

Price: €€€

Stars: ★★★★


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